Organic Handcrafted Ales & Friendly Neighborhood Brewpubs


In 1997 two friends banded together to realize every young man’s desire…open a brewpub. Well, maybe not everyone’s. Todd Carden and Brent Norton created Elliott Bay Brewing Co. in 1997 with a shared purpose in mind. Family-friendly and community-engaged gathering spaces built on a foundation of good food, beer, and service. It’s been a wild 25-year ride, and we are fortunate for the many friends we have made along the way. 

When we started this dream, we were one of 33 breweries in Washington. Now we are one of over 425. Today we remain one of a few genuine brewpubs in Seattle, committed to the experience of gathering around good food and beer. As we move through the subsequent years of recovering from the ravages of the pandemic, we look forward to rebuilding the losses we have all sustained and the sense of belonging we sacrificed–whether at the bar, table or in one of our outside seating areas. Our focus remains on providing the pub experience our guests have come to expect from us and keeping our eyes directed towards sustaining the environment and the staff and customers that support us.  

Thank you to all our customers, staff, and vendors who have supported us over all these years. It truly takes a village, and ours is a strong one!


We would not have made it 25 years without the dedication of our staff, both current and past, front and back of the house, and our brewers. We are grateful for the many hours of blood, sweat, and tears they have put into building these community hubs where many have been with us for decades. Without them, we would have nothing. The following is an introduction to some of these folks taking care of you and Elliott Bay. Thank you all!


Sustainability has become a bit of a cliché these days, but that’s not a bad thing. Anything that helps take the edge off our human pressure towards the planet is good. Our entire team has embraced our company goals of doing the right thing in as many ways as possible. 

We put a lot of energy into the products we make and sell and how they impact the world we share. Our commitment to Organic grain and hop farmers, local ranches, small community vendors, and recycling help make a small dent in our impact on our communities’ sustainability and livelihood. We can all do more, but every small step we all take is a step in the right direction.


In the most demanding years, what sustains a business is the group that puts its arm around it. At Elliott Bay, we have been more than fortunate to have built a band of loyal customers and staff that believe in something bigger than just ourselves. From our regulars to new customers, we welcome all backgrounds and ideas. If one thing is true about the hospitality business, sharing good food and beer strengthens relationships that make living on this planet a little easier. 

We have always believed in the importance of supporting the community that supports us. The adage of “what comes around, goes around” has never made more sense than today, and we feel the support by our community that has stepped up for us as well. We look forward to supporting your schools, churches, teams, environmental causes, bands, food drives, and other charities. We are committed to helping you with as much energy and support as we receive from our loyal customers, supporting the community one pint at a time.